• Brick Bluetooth Speaker

      Enjoy your music anywhere, anytime

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    • technical specs
      Model LB-BTSP03
      Type Bluetooth® Brick Speaker
      Wireless communication: Bluetooth V3.1
      Battery Rechargeble battery 600 mAh
      Speaker Speaker unit 40 mm
      immpedance 4 Ω
      Output power 3W
      Frequency Range 100Hz - 18Khz
      Weight 130 grams
      Range & Accuracy 10 meters
      Compatible Smartphone and tablets;
      Apple iPhone; iPad; iPod
      Whats included Micro - SD Card slot
      Aux cable
      Micro USB cable
      1 user manual
      1 Quick Start Guide

    • Use this Mini Portable speaker anytime and anywhere.. These stylish speakers feature excellent sound quality. Pick up your phone calls with the hands free function and microphone.

      Enjoy music anytime and anywhere with this Bluetooth® portable speaker system. These speakers feature excellent sound quality, a good stereo separation and up to 4 hours playback time due a USB rechargeable technology. With its wireless Bluetooth technology you easily connect this speaker to any Bluetooth enabled device, such as smartphones and tablets.

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    • Frequently Asked Questions

      I can not pair my Bluetooth device with the speaker. What should I do? Every Bluetooth object is different. Please check the user manual of your bluetooth device.
      My bluetooth device asks for a pin or pasword for connection. What should I do? When is asked for a password; please enter 0000 and confirm
      The bluetooth connection is broken. What should I do? Put your speaker closer to your Bluetooth device. If you're within range your speaker will automatically reconnect.
      Can I use the Bluetooth speaker with other devices? Yes this is possible as long your device has Bluetooth connection. Please check the user manual of your Bluetooth device to make connection with the speaker. The Bluetooth speaker also has an audio-in connector. This connector enables you to connect non-Bluetooth devices by using an audio cable and to play music from your non-Bluetooth music device.
      Can I use the Bluetooth speaker for hands free calling? Yes this is possible